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Dave’s Auto Connection, LLC. Internet Sales/Wholesale Division. AFFORDABLE USED VEHICLES! This item can be viewed/picked up at our main sales lot: 2145 Old Trail Road Etters, PA 17319 Ph: 717-932-6488 Office 717-497-6026 Dave’s Cell (Calls or Texts) ALL Hours by APPOINTMENTS ONLY!! Please READ and UNDERSTAND this ENTIRE Ad and the Payment Terms—–BEFORE Bidding/Making Offers

Dave’s Auto Connection, LLC. Internet Sales/Wholesale Division. AFFORDABLE USED VEHICLES! This item can be viewed/picked up at our main sales lot: 2145 Old Trail Road Etters, PA 17319 Ph: 717-932-6488 Office 717-497-6026 Dave’s Cell (Calls or Texts) ALL Hours by APPOINTMENTS ONLY!! Please READ and UNDERSTAND this ENTIRE Ad and the Payment Terms—–BEFORE Bidding/Making Offers or Buying! ALL ITEMS are represented and sold AS-IS, Where Is with NO WARRANTY. USED Item Description: Year/Make/Model:2005 FORD F-350 EXTENDED CAB UTILITY/SERVICE TRUCK.Extended Cab 4 DOOR work truck!! Driveline:5.4L-Triton V8 and automatic transmission. Driveline Condition as Tested:***Transmission Issues…sometimes*** Truck starts right up and runs super!! Idles smooth and quiet, revs up strong with no hesitations or misses and sounds great!! No issues with this strong engine!! Transmission has INTERMITTENT ISSUES……sometimes has no overdrive and sometimes slips in other gears……occasionally it drives and works properly but only now and then. …..Otherwise, runs/handles great!! Options/Accessories:Power steering and brakes, a/c (blows warm), am-fm radio, recently new Interstate Battery, single rear wheels, tachometer, bench seating, rear seating, 4 door cab, etc….. Specialty Equipment/Options: Knapheide Utility Bed……decent shape overall but 1-2 doors/latches need some work. Body Condition:Some little dents and dings here and there but overall good shape. Paint Condition:Some wear/fade/scratches and touch ups but all in all looks decent. Interior Condition:Seat is torn up but has a nice seat cover covering/hiding it. **This is a USED Commercial Work Truck folks….NOT NEW or perfect by any means… has been used as it was intended for….WORK! Tire Tread Condition: Fronts 50% Rears 50% Other Notes/Comments:Nice USED work truck for contractor or service work. Strong running engine and drives great but….****NEEDS TRANSMISSION WORK!!! Clean and Clear PA Title in hand!!! ASKING $2950.00 as a BUY IT NOW…..must call Dave direct to purchase….Otherwise, it is an AUCTION with low reserve.Dave 717-497-6026 There you go folks….please make sure you read the above details and if there’s any questions or areas of concerns, then call, text or email us……..BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER! —-Bid/Make Offers/Buy only when you are 100% satisfied with all details and have had all questions/issues resolved. You are looking at buying a USED ITEM!! It has normal wear and tear, normal issues, flaws and imperfections associated with its age, miles and previous use. You will have no one to blame if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your purchase but yourself….we give every opportunity for you and encourage you to come see, test drive, inspect, ask questions, etc….all BEFORE bidding/committing to buy. PAYMENT TERMS/REQUIREMENTS: PAYMENT TERMS/REQUIREMENTS: A $500.00 Non-Refundable DEPOSIT is required to be paid through PAYPAL within 24 hours of you winning the auction/buying…..NO EXCEPTIONS or EXCUSES! (Deposits get deducted from sale price) PayPal is accepted for deposits only! Anything more than the deposits on PayPal will be subject to an additional fee. **The Balance is then due within 7 days of auctions end/sale. ****Balances must be received PRIOR to any pick up or shipping…..NO Exceptions! *****We accept BANK WIRES or Certified/Cashiers Checks via Fed-Ex/UPS ONLY!…..we must receive at least 72 hours PRIOR to any pick up or shipping….NO EXCEPTIONS! **If Picking up item within the 7 days of auctions end/sale, you may pay the balance due C.O.D. with CASH ONLY!! NO other forms of payment are accepted C.O.D. NO EXCEPTIONS to any of these PAYMENT TERMS/Policies!! **There is NO financing, NO payment plans and NO trades on this item. Transporting and SHIPPING INFO: ***Shipping is YOUR responsibility and we suggest getting quotes BEFORE BUYING! Some Companies we have used and suggest are: Try website: “USHIP.COM” online. ….or call: DAB TRANSPORT (Hauling and Drive Away Service): 816-230-4135 Dependable Auto Shippers at 866-298-4221 ***King Brothers at 717-602-4106 …….you can find many more on EBAYS site, the internet or your yellow pages. ***These are just folks we have used before with no complaints…..we are not involved with any of them and anything discussed, promised and warrantied is between YOU and THEM…..once vehicle leaves our possession, it is YOUR responsibility. ————Also, we will store your item FREE of charge for up to 30 days, to give you sufficient time to make all arrangements (item must be paid in full to qualify for free storage). You can also FLY, BUS or TRAIN in if you or your hired driver wants to drive your purchase home……Harrisburg International Airport is 20 minutes away as well as the Harrisburg Bus/Train Station. Taxi and UBER Services are on site!! **Additional Storage is available at your expense. Vehicles left here more than 30 days, without prior arrangements for additional storage, will be considered abandoned/forefeited with no refunds. *********************************** TITLES: We guarantee clean and clear titles (on titled items or unless otherwise mentioned) and titles will be mailed to the buyer within 7 DAYS (usually less) of PICK UP/REMOVAL of item (Titles will remain with us while the item is in our possession, for Insurance purposes). **Our titles are Electronic Titles, held by our Floor Plan Company for Insurance purposes and once Payment has cleared and Item removed from our possession, the original physical titles will be Priority mailed to you. FINAL REALITY CHECK/Legal/General disclaimers: We are NOT Wizards and CANNOT predict future issues, break downs or problems =NO ONE CAN!!! We are a wholesale dealer, we do not/did not own these items from new, we have purchased/traded these items AS-IS and sell them the same way. We get them in, drive them a couple times here and there, test stuff and then list them for sale…..WE DO NOT KNOW any history and we CANNOT PREDICT ANY Future problems! All items are sold as-is, where is with no warranty and seller is not responsible for any accidents, damages, failures, mechanical problems, etc…..once item leaves our property. Vehicles are NOT warrantied, NOT Inspected and NOT serviced unless specifically mentioned in the ad. All items that get serviced are sent out to local garages/shops…… ****We are NOT a garage/service or repair facility, we do not tow, we do not do any mechanical/service work…..we are a high volume/low cost WHOLESALE USED VEHICLE DEALER that buys/sells only. **Legal Odometer Disclosure Statement (accepted when placing a bid): *Mileage advertised in ad is what SHOWS on odometer at time of listing this ad. (Please allow additional miles for pre-bidding test drives). Federal Law/Statement and OUR POLICY: ALL VEHICLES over 10 years old are EXEMPT from Odometer disclosure. EXEMPT on Title and Mileage is NOT guaranteed (Not Actual Miles/True Miles Unknown) on ANY vehicle over 10 years old. ****Our Mileage/Odometer Statement: on ALL vehicles over 10 years old will NOT be guaranteed and will be represented and sold as True Miles Unknown (TMU), not actual miles (NAM) and/or “EXEMPT” marked on title due to AGE/possible discrepancies/alterations/clerical errors, Kilometer conversions/cluster repairs, BCM/ECU Computer replacements/reprogramming, dash swaps, etc…UNKNOWN HISTORY.. Our state does not support any reporting agencies but If you believe in/trust Carfax/Autocheck then pull your reports BEFORE BIDDING!!…..BOTTOM LINE = If this item is 10 years old or older Mileage will be “EXEMPTED” on title and is not guaranteed to be actual miles (TMU), no matter what, unless otherwise noted. **** THIS Vehicle is represented and sold AS-IS, as True Miles Unknown/History Unknown/Mileage as showing is NOT guaranteed/ EXEMPT ON TITLE!….accepted when you place a bid! **There are no refunds, no exchanges and no returns for any reason. Items are AS-IS. ****Please make sure you are 100% satisfied with description, policies and terms…..BEFORE YOU BID!!! You are buying a USED VEHICLE. You are NOT buying a new, restored (unless stated otherwise), refurbished, perfect or flawless “show” vehicle. This used item should be expected to have normal, typical wear and tear associated with its AGE, Miles, Weathering and Previous use: –Dents, dings, surface rust, rust flaking/scaliness on frames and Utility Beds/Tool boxes, windshield chips, interior wear, paint chips, scratches, cosmetic flaws, fluid leaks, rattles, squeaks, vibrations, inoperable accessories/options/radios, gauges, missing/broken trim, swapped out parts, aftermarket parts, etc….Please consider the AGE, the previous USE/Commercial use, weathering, etc….when purchasing ANY USED vehicle…plus: —Commercial vehicles (in most cases) are used daily, left outside and used 24/7 in all kinds of weather, so rust flaking/peeling, faded paint, chipping paint, tire weathering, chassis/frame/cross member rust should ALL be normally/expected, even if NOT specifically mentioned in the ad. Metal + age + weather = will not be or look perfect or new in any way!!! ****Also, on BUCKET TRUCKS and UTILITY/SERVICE TRUCKS, we do NOT usually clean out tool boxes/storage bins….. so, whatever bags of money, tools, parts and trash are inside them are now YOURS!! ***We are just being realistic and honest by telling you what other sellers WON’T/DON’T! ***No sugar coating or fairytales here folks, so please be real in your expectations! **** If you have a specific area of concern…..CALL or EMAIL us BEFORE YOU BID! ***Once you buy/take possession of this item, it is YOURS and no longer our responsibility or problem. It is YOUR job to be satisfied and content with the item…..before you buy it! ****The time to come inspect, Test Drive and nit-pick this item is BEFORE BIDDING…..NOT AFTER you win……it is YOUR responsibility to be satisfied before bidding! *** We give EVERY opportunity for YOU to ask questions, get specific details, come test drive/Inspect items during the auction/before you bid, or hire an independent service to do it for you……..WE cannot and will not be responsible for your dissatisfaction if you did not do this. *** Email us with ANY Questions or Concerns —–due to limited office hours, EMAILS are often able to be answered much quicker than phone messages. Dave’s Auto Connection, LLC Dave’s Mobile: 717-497-6026 Calls or TEXTS. ****Internet Sales/WHOLESALE Manager**** ***ALL Office/Lot/PICK UP HOURS are by Scheduled APPOINTMENTS ONLY!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ********************************************************** Titles, Tags and NOTARY Work: We are a full service NOTARY SERVICE as well and handle all title transfers and Temp Tags for PA residents. We do all notary work/title transfers for out of state buyers also. ****We do not charge our out of state buyers for any notary or title transfer services……PAY WHAT YOU BID! **60 day TEMPORARY IN-TRANSIT TAGS are available for out of state buyers……cost is $145.00 for the 60 day Tag and includes online processing. —Valid ID and Insurance is required and you must be present….***We need to know if you want this PRIOR to pick up. ****PA residents/buyers pay all applicable sales tax, title fees, notary fees and state fees as required by our state DMV. Valid I.D. and Insurance is required for issuing of tags. All transactions handled on site for your convenience. ************************************************* ***Pre-Bidding/Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspection Services (Nationwide): It is YOUR responsibility to Inspect/have Inspected, check out in person, ask questions and be SATISFIED——BEFORE BIDDING/Making Offers! **************************************************************************** THANKS FOR CHECKING US OUT and Good Luck to ALL! ————————————————————– ***Thank you to all who serve, have served and will serve our Nation! You are Americas Heroes and Protectors! *********************************************** ***Our Thanks include ALL Military as well as Police, Firefighters, EMS and the hardworking Blue Collar work force! Thanks again for checking us out and may GOD Bless all of you and your loved ones…..He has truly blessed me!

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